STEWARD LINK® is excited to announce that it has joined forces with Taranis and their retailers to expand its services to their growers. Taranis provides growers and ag advisors an ever-evolving technology using AI-powered crop intelligence and sustainability solutions to help improve productivity. Using their drone-powered technology, growers can make accurate decisions, validate their management practices, and apply a season-long action plan. Many times, conservation practice standards require precise actions on the ground, and Taranis technology can help land stewards meet those standards.

Nick Thomas, Steward Link’s® President and Founder, recently sat down with Steve Patterson on Taranis’ Acre Forward Podcast to talk about how Steward Link® is helping landowners and land managers navigate the intricate world of USDA conservation programs with ease. Click the link below to gain valuable insights on maximizing benefits for your farming or recreational land operation! 

“I couldn’t be happier with our relationship with Taranis. With 2024 being the first year, what we are seeing is a high-level of technology and practice adoption amongst Taranis customers.  Technology and documentation position them well for many conservation opportunities.  The technology has also helped us to open the door for new programs, and the applications we have been able to complete for Taranis customers have been extremely high-quality.” – Nick Thomas