Steward Link’s® Mission

Our mission and goal is to help dedicated land managers obtain access and maximum benefit from USDA conservation programs which results in more conservation on the ground.

What are the primary goals at Steward Link® that allow us to accomplish our mission?

  1. We provide our clients the best opportunity possible to gain access to USDA conservation programs.  Through detailed consultations, we maximize each clients potential benefit in a way that helps them achieve their land management goals for each individual farm.
  2. We provide USDA with good conservation program applications that are complete and include all documents required for program eligibility.  Applications for our clients will be delivered to USDA offices well ahead of deadlines in a friendly manner that expresses our willingness and readiness to work with USDA and do whatever is required to make USDA’s job easier. We will strive to build upon the great working relationship we have already established with USDA to achieve the common goal of getting conservation on the ground for land managers!

Priorities That Define Our Culture

Every business has a culture.  That culture is defined by the leadership and management of the company.  If we truly care about our clients and their success, our attitude will reflect that and will be defined by the priorities we set for our daily work.  Below is a list of company priorities that define the Steward Link® culture.

  1. A commitment to a sense of urgency to take care of our business no matter what our individual job may be.
  2. A commitment to say yes or no on a timely basis.
  3. A commitment to answer all emails and phone calls promptly.
  4. A commitment to communicate in general.
  5. A commitment to do what is right.
  6. A commitment to look for new opportunity, especially in the face of obstacles.
  7. A commitment of understanding that things are going to change.  We must change, adjust, keep up and keep growing. We must be a part of the solution and not the problem.
  8. A commitment plan for tomorrow so that our company may grow and provide a continued benefit to our clients.
  9. A commitment to keep our business fun and rewarding for all land managers, consultants, associates, and employees and to change things if it stops being fun and rewarding.
  10. A commitment to help any and all land managers maximize the potential of their farming operation regardless of size.
  11. A commitment to give back in ways that promote agriculture, conservation, and good land management in general for future generations.
  12. A commitment to always remember….It’s not about Steward Link®, it’s about the Land!

Let Steward Link® Go To Work For You.

Our commitment is to make farmer’s application with NRCS as smooth as possible and to provide NRCS worthy applications that make their job easier. Put our knowledge to work for you as you tend to your fields, pastures, or timber.